Regain Control Over Your Life and Improve Your Health

The energy sessions provide connection to divine awareness which is responsible for your entire health.  The intelligence behind the energy follows the order which is the most beneficial for the totality of your existence and healing.

During the treatment you will feel various sensations ranging from tingling, eye twitching, jerking, heat and cold. Every person and sessions evokes unique experiences.

I offer individual and group sessions depending on your preference. Both are as effective. When I direct energy to a group, every single person is being assisted. No one is omitted. As I mentioned it earlier, the higher awareness chooses the right treatment for each individual. No one is being left out. Therefore, please enjoy your individual experience with ease and trust till the end.

Phone or Skype Sessions

When you are booking a session, please take into consideration my time zone, New Jersey in The United States of America, Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5:00)