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The Seed of Staying Small

If you ever want to heal or improve your circumstances, you will have to look within yourself at some point. Perhaps if you go there for the very first time, you will not like what you will see, and most probably, you will be initially terrified of the totality ofRead More

Abuse, Lies, Absence – Our Reality

Trust. Compassion. Non- judgement. Honesty. Communication. Responsibility. Accountability. Being. Caring. Loving. Genuineness. These words embodied in a physical form are hard to find. A lot of people will suffer because of their absence. At first it will not be obvious, until we completely crush. I think I wrote once before,Read More

How to Achieve Success in All Areas of Life

I find it fascinating that in a heart of every person, there lives a noble dream! If anything was possible and there were no limits: what activity would give you an utmost satisfaction and fulfillment? Think about it. If there were no ifs, what would you be doing with yourRead More

How A Wall Creates Cancer

It has been already five years since I have been actively working individually and in groups with people. Because of the experience and the ability to feel human vibrational composition, I can easily draw common threads that constitute blockages in our energies. I think it is important to talk aboutRead More

Lack of Love Ache

Have you ever felt loved? If you are reading this, chances are that you might recall a vague memory of love or reminisce on some supernatural intervention which you can hardly explain in words. Whichever one it is, it does not matter. What counts is that deep down inside, youRead More