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Uncle, Silence, Liberation

I am staring at the blank word page. My eye sight wanders to the left, to the right and center and I type, but only in my mind. I wrote a mental post already. Yet, I can still see the whirlpool of ideas swirling around, trying to get thru myRead More

A Post

A single human existence can be compared to a well locked safe. There are many codes that need to be cracked in order to get inside the eternally rich deposit box. It is not a matter of choice to imagine yourself as the most capable and talented being inhibiting thisRead More

Consciousness in Energy Healing

I have been a student of energetic world for my entire life. My knowledge about energy does not come from books. No one told me about it. My acute sensitivity was my teacher. I was born with an ability to feel the body of someone else as my own. IfRead More

Extreme Sensitivity as an Incentive to Awaken

If I had to pick one word to describe my life, without hesitation, it would be SENSITIVITY. If I had to add one more word, I would choose EXTRME. There are people sensitive to many things, however in this case I am talking about the sensitivity to life developing withinRead More

How Can Spirituality Transform Anger?

Have you ever contemplated the reasons for your anger? There are so many situations in a day that bring up anger to the surface of your reality and stir things up not the way you would want it. You get angry because life seems so far away from what youRead More