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The Black Hurting Heart – Valentine’s Day

Love is such an alluring topic. The very same love can seduce you and it can haunt you. It will not take long for you to swing between the two, barely staying in a firm position where you can rip the invigorating and stimulating benefits of an amorous enterprise. ThatRead More

Young man sitting looking upset

An Indispensable Tool to Transform Depression

Depression – only one word yet creating dangerous and debilitating mental reality. I opened my eyes and with them a great many thoughts revealed themselves like flying bullets, firing up in my directions. I, unarmed and exposed. “A deadly disaster”, I hardy managed to spatter the observation across the hostileRead More

conceptual shot representin teh emotions sadness and depression

Shame – The Shade of Ego

Shame is one of the tones of ego I had a pleasure to get familiar with at the early stage of my existence. That emotion for the very first time welcomes you with a gentle handshake and over time, gradually takes a complete possession over your being, without you havingRead More


Empowering Secret Hidden in Crying

Today I was supposed to write about the empowering secret hidden in crying, instead I came up with a riddle. That is so just me. I speak in riddles… I was told a million of times. Any way without a further ado, let me tell you about how you canRead More


Invisibility – The Shade of Ego

Some days ago, I took a glimpse of at the articles I wrote in reference to healing. It has been nearly three years since my very first post in the blog section. I remember exactly how I was feeling about putting my thoughts out to the world. The view intoRead More


Spiritual Labor

As soon as I emerged from this divine experience, the real labor began. I had to roll up my sleeves and get to it. I wanted The Enlightenment and badly. What I find constantly amusing about life is that it sends us everything we need so we get our workRead More


Towards Enlightenment

My anterior post revealed a small dose of one of my divine experiences. The entire occurrence I consider as an initiation, a step forward towards awakening myself to an improved quality of life in all aspects possible. I have always wanted all to be well, and now being able toRead More

Revolutionary Take on Extreme Empathy, When Your Energy is Being Stolen By Energy Vampires

In the recent two articles, I wrote about the disconnection existing between the mind, body and soul; and the importance as well as the influence of thoughts on the entire human existence. No matter where you are in your life and how you are, I can guarantee you, that thoseRead More

Whispered Guidance

Assuming the identity of an active teacher of consciousness chose me. Becoming a healer was not on my wish list. This is part of an explanation why life tends to have characteristics of being interesting, surprising and thrilling. You never know what is inside of a neatly wrapped box, untilRead More


Providence in Human Hands

Out of everything that constitutes this world, I am working with a phenomenon that cannot be immediately understood or labeled, yet it is the most precious, supplying, joy giving agent among all existing things. Many names are being attributed to the force that animates life. The proper noun does notRead More