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Erotic Love Making

Have you ever been in love? Have you at least once felt this magical connection unleashing the best in you, unlocking your beauty, your smile, your radiance and joy, expanding your being and caressing your soul? If the answer is yes, I am glad you know what I am talkingRead More


Extrasensory – A Messenger of Love

I feel with my entire being and I perceive with my entire being. I could deliver this message in the most sophisticated, elevated and even poetic manner, give my expression a ‘soothing flow’. Flow by nature is soothing and my intention is to enhance it. This is a reason forRead More


Divine Ceremony of Initiation

Through life, I sought for something I could rely on in times of hardships. My goal was to attain the ultimate expression of satisfaction and happiness. No, matter the challenges, that aim of mine never disappeared from my board of dreams. Repeatedly I promised myself that I would crack theRead More

A Piece of Advice on How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

The phases of Mercury Retrograde are usually associated with hardships, delays, confrontations, extra work, miscommunication, strenuous repetition and all other kinds of shenanigans. If you think of Mercury Retrograde in such fashion and you are planning on arming up, my advice to you is to lose all protection and openRead More

Affair, Synchronicity, and a Climb

A Fun fact about me! This is where I cannot commit to monogamy. I love books and I am currently reading 8 “at the same time.” Yes, I counted. No, I am not bragging. I consume twenty pages. I stop and on to the next one. I cannot help it.Read More

Part 1 – Who is Anna.

Personal opinions are formed based on one’s own, meticulously structured compass; developed and polished by raw experience and shaped by the level of perception. If you accept and adore every single aspect of your life, keep up the joy. However, if the there is a slightest shadow of discomfort, keepRead More

The Awakening of Human Consciousness in “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle.

“What is my life purpose”? Many of us have been trying to get the correct answer to this question looking for the answer in astrology, tarot readings, psychic séances, and also in studying various careers. All those undertakings are external methods of finding our true calling. They serve to remindRead More