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conceptual shot representin teh emotions sadness and depression

Shame – The Shade of Ego

Shame is one of the tones of ego I had a pleasure to get familiar with at the early stage of my existence. That emotion for the very first time welcomes you with a gentle handshake and over time, gradually takes a complete possession over your being, without you havingRead More

Why Healing/Energy Healing Is Controversial

As it is with words and there is no exception to this one, every single person has a record of personal connotations regarding the meaning of the word: “healer”. Healing itself is surrounded by a thick veil of skepticism Whenever I am being asked about my profession and what IRead More

Part 2 – Who is Anna

Imagine two lines running parallel to each other. Call one of them Suffering, the other Happiness. One is always thicker than another, depending which one you choose to run your life. My line of happiness quickly became thin and was pushed to the background of my consciousness. I was inRead More

The Shame of Pain

We all come to this world with an inherit amount of suffering to work out, but without knowing it until life itself points it out to us through experience. We begin our existence being thrown into a machine of doing. We come to a world of standards we can hardlyRead More

Optimal Health. Peace As a Healing Agent.

It seemed that to follow a life purpose, tough trainings and periods of unsuccessful trials and tribulations were required. Eventually, after many errors, a door would open to a dark hallway, at the end of which, a blurry light was smoldering, a faintly flickering light, barely visible in the distance,Read More