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Femininity and Masculinity: It’s A Fight

“His attempt of suicide did not move me so he decided to use violence, ripping some of my tops to shreds in order to obtain sick satisfaction. I was supposed to consider to be lucky because his ex was not allowed to wear thongs”. I am reluctant to write thisRead More


The Heart Contracts and Expands – Life Does Too

The matter of the heart is still on my mind. The more people I see and use my ability to feel them, the more I realize that our hearts are in a contraction mode unnecessarily for too long, and so are our lives. We all know that the heart isRead More


Erotic Love Making

Have you ever been in love? Have you at least once felt this magical connection unleashing the best in you, unlocking your beauty, your smile, your radiance and joy, expanding your being and caressing your soul? If the answer is yes, I am glad you know what I am talkingRead More


Vulnerability – The Underestimated Power of Healing

Issues and blockages in my healing practice come in batches. The latest theme is vulnerability. Before I start writing about cookies, let me jump straight into the heart of the matter and explain the power of the subject and the setbacks created from not utilizing this ability to its maximumRead More

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An Indispensable Tool to Transform Depression

Depression – only one word yet creating dangerous and debilitating mental reality. I opened my eyes and with them a great many thoughts revealed themselves like flying bullets, firing up in my directions. I, unarmed and exposed. “A deadly disaster”, I hardy managed to spatter the observation across the hostileRead More


Overcoming Excessive Fear with Healing

Whenever I place a person on my massage table, the divine magic begins. People’s experiences differ, that much I have observed. Due to years of diligent work I was able to figured out the patterns. As soon as I am about to start, there is something holy taking place. ThereRead More


Invisibility – The Shade of Ego

Some days ago, I took a glimpse of at the articles I wrote in reference to healing. It has been nearly three years since my very first post in the blog section. I remember exactly how I was feeling about putting my thoughts out to the world. The view intoRead More


Spiritual Labor

As soon as I emerged from this divine experience, the real labor began. I had to roll up my sleeves and get to it. I wanted The Enlightenment and badly. What I find constantly amusing about life is that it sends us everything we need so we get our workRead More

Why Healing/Energy Healing Is Controversial

As it is with words and there is no exception to this one, every single person has a record of personal connotations regarding the meaning of the word: “healer”. Healing itself is surrounded by a thick veil of skepticism Whenever I am being asked about my profession and what IRead More

A Post

A single human existence can be compared to a well locked safe. There are many codes that need to be cracked in order to get inside the eternally rich deposit box. It is not a matter of choice to imagine yourself as the most capable and talented being inhibiting thisRead More