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Peace Is The New Morphine

Emotions is a topic that rarely anyone wants to touch. However, if I told you that in deciphering your emotions, you could obtain any imaginable experience or manifest any desirable object, would you be interested in reading what I have to say? There are many theories and opinions about emotions.Read More


Femininity and Masculinity: It’s A Fight

“His attempt of suicide did not move me so he decided to use violence, ripping some of my tops to shreds in order to obtain sick satisfaction. I was supposed to consider to be lucky because his ex was not allowed to wear thongs”. I am reluctant to write thisRead More


The Heart Contracts and Expands – Life Does Too

The matter of the heart is still on my mind. The more people I see and use my ability to feel them, the more I realize that our hearts are in a contraction mode unnecessarily for too long, and so are our lives. We all know that the heart isRead More


Defending Self – Love in the Insensitive World

I am a woman. God has given me a face, breasts and an ass. Anatomically speaking, I have a full body of a woman. I am tall so that makes it hard to be invisible or to hide the parts that stick out. It took me years of work toRead More


Happy Berries Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. I woke up to the ordeal with a state of health exactly reflecting the current collective condition of love in human beings – sick and weak. I am able to function, but it feels as if someone hit me in the head with a frying panRead More


February 10th 2017 – Full Moon and Its Annoying Suffering

Today is the full moon and usually on this day and night people behave unusually unbearable as if our internal demons were taking over to purposefully annoy us. Misunderstandings occur between couples, strangers approach you with unpleasant comments, super weird things take place. The day is filled with instant frictionsRead More


Erotic Love Making

Have you ever been in love? Have you at least once felt this magical connection unleashing the best in you, unlocking your beauty, your smile, your radiance and joy, expanding your being and caressing your soul? If the answer is yes, I am glad you know what I am talkingRead More


Extrasensory – A Messenger of Love

I feel with my entire being and I perceive with my entire being. I could deliver this message in the most sophisticated, elevated and even poetic manner, give my expression a ‘soothing flow’. Flow by nature is soothing and my intention is to enhance it. This is a reason forRead More

Young man sitting looking upset

An Indispensable Tool to Transform Depression

Depression – only one word yet creating dangerous and debilitating mental reality. I opened my eyes and with them a great many thoughts revealed themselves like flying bullets, firing up in my directions. I, unarmed and exposed. “A deadly disaster”, I hardy managed to spatter the observation across the hostileRead More


Divine Ceremony of Initiation

Through life, I sought for something I could rely on in times of hardships. My goal was to attain the ultimate expression of satisfaction and happiness. No, matter the challenges, that aim of mine never disappeared from my board of dreams. Repeatedly I promised myself that I would crack theRead More