The Heart Contracts and Expands – Life Does Too

The matter of the heart is still on my mind. The more people I see and use my ability to feel them, the more I realize that our hearts are in a contraction mode unnecessarily for too long, and so are our lives. We all know that the heart is supposed to contract and expand, but we as silly as we are, we stubbornly hold on to contraction.

I put my intuitive skill always up to the challenge, or rather they put me up to the challenge. We use each other. There are so many crazy and precise subtleties that I pick up on that there is no other way for me, rather then to speak out about what I’m perceiving.

I was faced with a funny situation. I had a friend visiting and almost immediately I read from his aura that he had a major issue with his rectum and was extremely constipated. I did not wait long to share the insight. It will be hard for me to ever forget his reaction. Astonished by the accuracy of the diagnose he revealed:” OMG, how could you possibly know that? If you told me something vague, like my heart was not open, I would probably dismiss your point and not take it seriously “. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for him, he did struggle with elimination so he took my words to heart and he even allowed me to elaborate.

I knew that the moment he pronounced this particular statement, my world froze for a second so I could internalize the profundity of his response. “If you told me something vague, like my heart was not open, I would probably dismiss your point, and not take it seriously”. The common thread of the recent healing sessions is the heart, and I finally figured out that open or close isn’t the best description to indicate that there is an issue with the heart, but contraction and the expansion are the most appropriate terms.

I remember when I made a conscious decision to venture out towards my heart’s happiness. That meant putting aside anything that I was forced to do. That meant putting a halt to everything I disliked, and engaging in activities that I dreamt of doing while I wasn’t doing them. My heart was calling for attention and expansion. This is how I began taking hot yoga classes. My new engagement was about taking care of myself instead of using myself to take care of everything else. You might think that a step as such was meaningless, however to someone who never gives himself/herself any attention it is a monumental move. Keep in mind that little gestures give birth to phenomenal improvements. You just have to keep at it and make choices based on the voice of heart.

My first week of being involved in activities I loved and felt drawn to were excruciatingly painful. I made a remarkable observation that what was impossible to withstand were not the muscle pain, not the heat, but an opening in my ribcage. I wanted an expansion and there it was, penetrating my chest. It was the only part of my body that I could complain about while going thought the transformation; and that is how I found out that stabilizing balance and adjusting to what our dreams and hearts ask for comes with a price, a price I was definitely willing to pay. I emerged from contraction and as hardcore as I can be, I reached for expansion. Our bodies are impeccably intelligent and if we allow to tune in and listen to them, they will speak to us. So, I let my body adjust to the shift. After all I, could physically sense it.

Dedicating myself to aligning with my heart, required risks taking. I felt as if running towards a canyon and yelling to the spectators of my insanity not to worry because I have wings that I am about to open and fly over the gorge.

To all of you who are not dealing with constipation, I hope you are willing to move up the ladder and open yourself to expansion. No matter how risky, it is well worth it. The risk will give it an edge, a thrill. It will be a good story to tell, eventually.

As to our heart constipation, I wonder how we got it, how did we stopped honoring and employing both, the contraction and the expansion of life? We got ourselves stuck in the contraction phase and we begin to fantasize about the expansion only in our dreams. Let’s honor the two equally important, essential rhythms and laws of life. If you do not feel like going too extreme about it, just challenge yourself and do something that will make you feel good, without facing a moral hangover the next morning, but radiating, glowing to yourself and to others.

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