Peace Is The New Morphine

Emotions is a topic that rarely anyone wants to touch. However, if I told you that in deciphering your emotions, you could obtain any imaginable experience or manifest any desirable object, would you be interested in reading what I have to say?

There are many theories and opinions about emotions. Those who are not curious enough about them say that they are not real, or that they are just an illusion so there is no point of giving a feeling deserved attention. Well, if that is the case, tell that to someone battling anxiety, or anyone as a matter of fact. Emotions speak through us all the time. The truth is that our state of being for good measure is composed of feelings. We are able to feel all the time. There is a vast range of positive and negative emotions that are being interpreted, used and expressed on a daily basis. What is sad is that the majority of us does not know how to utilize the wisdom delivered by emotions. An emotion without training is like a wild horse, but as you give it some time and proper whispering, a pleasant ride will take you to places with accelerated speed.

I would say that emotions are also like different colors of paint on a canvas; crisscrossing, and zigzagging on a designated surface. If emotions are paint, then our canvas is peace. From experience, I noticed that when I speak of peace, people get unexcited, only because they have never felt the kind of peace I have in mind (no pun intended). To paint you a good picture of what I mean, my life always supplies perfect examples.

I do not separate my work from my private life. Doing that would be like disconnecting an arm from the rest of my body and attaching it again in needed moments.

Here is an example of how gratifying peace is.

I get to a birthday party around 1:30 in the morning. On the location, at first, the guest followed the regular celebratory routine till 3:00 am, until some folks began to leave, some went to sleep and there were a few of us left. Since alcohol opens up people, sometimes reality sneaks out and I am asked deep questions. It is not my custom to stay up that late and put my extrasensory abilities to test, however, as soon as I started producing my spill of excuses, without even knowing when, I was doing my thing.

I cannot deny the truth if the person is eagerly looking for answers. Ditching excuses out, I found myself working at 4:00 in the morning. At that wonderful hour, after being up for countless hours no one was able to count, our brains were perfectly tired, so I could easily make cuts with some words and perform a miracle.

As far as we were into the night, my friend approached me with frankness, admitting to his fears. He spoke of how they ran him down to the ground every day; treated him with exhaustion, leaving little time for satisfaction and no resources for improvements.

It was a perfect doze of honesty and a good balance of healthy desperation. That combo is hard to come across these days.

His trust gave me a permission to step in and show him that transformation was possible right away. I was guided as always. I asked few questions and we were both rapidly immersed in a state producing miracles. Peace descended upon us, pushing his anxieties to the sides. His mind stopped, his loud thoughts as well and I heard a new addition to my creative descriptions from his mouth – Morphine. Apparently, being in peace is like being sedated by morphine – without side effects – I boldly state. All the pains and worries of life dissolved and he was as smooth as silk. He naturally accessed the zone of infinite creation with access to all colors to create any master piece. We were both tripping on peace. If we had more time, most likely I would have added joy which would make us naturally high on life, without a need of consuming, smoking or sniffing any substances.


That night and that immediate transformation inspired me to keep on changing people’s life. It was another testimony that our existence is powerful, exceeding hurt, sickness, stress or circumstances.

Each day you are given a free will to choose between transmitting a frequency of interference or a frequency of morphine – peace. Inner peace is a necessary component for creation. If you want to create something better in this world, you will need peace, and to get to peace, you will have to whisper your emotions.

I hope that this will get you curious and interested to stop for a few minutes a day and investigate not your thoughts, but your feelings. Whisper your wild horse.


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