Happy Berries Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. I woke up to the ordeal with a state of health exactly reflecting the current collective condition of love in human beings – sick and weak. I am able to function, but it feels as if someone hit me in the head with a frying pan while I was asleep. My throat itches slightly and lets me know that I am going to have to treat it to bring it back to life. Generally, I am perceiving that my body has gone through a rough exercising regime without me even remembering lifting any heavy weights. What I am left with now is soreness that I can compare to a hangover, mainly because the damage comes from the inside out. So not only my muscles ache, but my entire existence. Yes, this is me reporting on the subject of love LIVE.

Since it is a special day to celebrate love, a certain memory knocks loudly on my head. It is an iconic memory filled with wisdom and deep meaning which like everything else is frowned upon and discarded first. As a four-year-old, without giving much thought to my actions, I initiated a run with my tiny feet to climb a pile of sand designated for construction of our house. There were people walking around and I even knew that my mom was witnessing my attempt of reaching the top. I registered her terror that quickly shifted to an unstoppable laugh when I managed to duck the danger of the stunt, get to the peak and scream out the following statement on top of my tiny lungs: “Love I will find you one day!”. Before I started sinking back down, I extended my right hand making a fist to seal the deal with the Universe and God. I remember the reaction of my mom, because I also registered how silly and stupid I felt when I noticed that others noticed me talking to the bright sky. I sank and my heart with me too, back to the bottom.

They say that when you trace back the activities you were enjoying while little, you might get an idea of who you should be and do for a successful living. It couldn’t be more true, because finally I can piece my erratic behavior from the old days and boldly state that I have found love and I am here to help you find it too!!! After 28 years of diligent work, digging though plies of shit that was not love, I finally found my treasure. Before you ask me how and where I was looking, let me be clear that the most excavation was done from within, though in many different places in the world! I had to try a lot of different ego outfits before getting to the perfect creation.

I have 28 years of experience to teach about Love and Love easily comes out of me. Love, contrary to anything else it eternal, it is always flowing. It does not matter how much you suffered, and how badly you have been punched by not so loving experiences, you have an equal chance at feeling love.

A lot of you are most definitely yearning for the attention and a visible gesture from someone you want to love you. Well, let me break this down for you, there cannot be love between two individuals if each person hasn’t dug up their own dung. And we have to stop expecting to receive love from people who do not love themselves.

So how are you loving yourself? What are you doing to love yourself and celebrate yourself to supply a little bit of happiness to your own veins? It has to be a treat that will not result in a moral hangover the next day. It has to be something that will make you glow and evoke a natural smile on your face, which you will not be able to conceal easily. How are you treating your broken, weak, aching heart? What is your treatment of preference?

Happy Valentine’s Day to Only You!

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