February, 2016

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Why Healing/Energy Healing Is Controversial

As it is with words and there is no exception to this one, every single person has a record of personal connotations regarding the meaning of the word: “healer”. Healing itself is surrounded by a thick veil of skepticism Whenever I am being asked about my profession and what IRead More

Eternal Feeling of Being Blocked

A feeling of hopelessness can pay a quite frequent visit. It usually arrives when life seems to be frozen. There is a set goal; however what stands in the way is a blockage, a blocking part of me, working against me. This is happening because of being taught that thereRead More

A Post

A single human existence can be compared to a well locked safe. There are many codes that need to be cracked in order to get inside the eternally rich deposit box. It is not a matter of choice to imagine yourself as the most capable and talented being inhibiting thisRead More