April, 2015

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Part 1 – Who is Anna.

Personal opinions are formed based on one’s own, meticulously structured compass; developed and polished by raw experience and shaped by the level of perception. If you accept and adore every single aspect of your life, keep up the joy. However, if the there is a slightest shadow of discomfort, keepRead More

Be Your Own World, As You Are, Where You Are.

No matter what takes place in our life, we are already born almost ready to do what is meant for us. The problems begin when we forget about our primal identity and we are stirred away from our true expression, by big and small by-products of ego. Ego has manyRead More

The Shame of Pain

We all come to this world with an inherit amount of suffering to work out, but without knowing it until life itself points it out to us through experience. We begin our existence being thrown into a machine of doing. We come to a world of standards we can hardlyRead More

Consciousness in Energy Healing

I have been a student of energetic world for my entire life. My knowledge about energy does not come from books. No one told me about it. My acute sensitivity was my teacher. I was born with an ability to feel the body of someone else as my own. IfRead More