March, 2014

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How does energy healing change someone’s mood for better?

At times human experience offers various situations which we want to run away from. Whenever we are faced with circumstances that cause a lot of discomfort, we always have two choices. Either we merged with the situational negativity, or find enough of strength and courage to transform the effects ofRead More

How to achieve an abundant life?

My adventure with healing energy began long time ago, when I was nearly four years old. I can recall my early life and the significance of various episodes which were rapidly introducing me to my gifts. For a while I lived in confusion because I was trying to understand theRead More

My Energy Healing Experience

I am starting this blog because I would love to share with you my story about ENERGY, and most importantly tell you about the potency of the source power I have had a pleasure to experience. When I think about the totality of my own experiences associated with the presenceRead More